Formatting guidelines

The articles should be submitted in docx format. Please download and use the templates. The article file submitted via E-submission System should contain only the text itself without a abstract, list of literature, names and data of the authors. All these fields are filled out separately during the article submission via e-system.

The recommended length of articles: from 10.000 to 30.000 characters with spaces. Longer and shorter texts will be considered.

Page setup: top 5 cm, bottom 4 cm, left 3 cm, right 3 cm. Font - Times New Roman. The font size of the main text is 12, additional (tables, footnotes, notes) - 10, line spacing - single. Paragraphs break - 1 cm.

The main body of the text should be formatted as follows:

  • all pages should be in (upright) portrait format;
  • all words within a paragraph should be separated by only one space;
  • no space before a punctuation mark, one space after;
  • all abbreviations used by the author, with the exception of well established ones, should be spelled out upon first mention in the text;
  • formulas should be typed using the functions of MathType (inside the text); formula parameters are: font - Times New Roman; font sizes — usual: 12 pt
  • numbered and bulleted lists should be executed using the appropriate MS Word tools, not manually.

Section titles appear in capital letters. Tables should be created with the tools of Word (not by drawing) and located inside the text of the article.

Figures should be placed as closely as possible after the point where they are first referenced in the text. If you want to ensure high quality figures, they can also be submitted in the field “Archive of accompanying materials" in the E-submission system. All graphic files with one of the formats jpeg, tiff, or bmp should be archived in a single folder with formats .zip or .rar.