Sabine Ammon
  • Position
    Head of Sustainability and Epistemic Culture of Engineering Center
  • Affiliation
    Technische Universität Berlin
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Sabine Ammon works as a philosopher at TU Berlin with a focus on the philosophy and ethics of design and technology. She heads the interdisciplinary research group Knowledge Dynamics and Sustainability in the Technological Sciences, which bridges philosophical reflection and engineering practice in teaching and research. After studying architecture and philosophy, she spent periods of study and research at the University of London, Harvard University, ETH Zurich and the Research Institute for Philosophy in Hanover. She subsequently held research and lecturer positions at the University of Basel, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and TU Darmstadt. Her dissertation (2009) developed the epistemological basis for a processual and plural concept of knowledge, whereas her habilitation (2018) developed an epistemology of design. She is a spokesperson of the Present Futures Forum Berlin and head of the Berlin Ethics Lab for Responsible AI and Responsible Human-Machine-Interaction. Her current research focuses on epistemic, ethical, and aesthetic questions in relation to designing and modeling in engineering.