Geofuturology of Technology

principles of construction and design

This paper shows how the futurology of technology is structured within futurology as a whole, and the geo-futurology of technology within the science of geofuturology. Geofuturology is a scientific discipline engaged in forecasting geopolitical events and processes. It investigates the future states of the main geopolitical components: the planetary and space environment, the techno-sphere, human communities (ethnic groups, confessions, civilizations) and states dividing the earth's surface and subsoil, as well as global governing bodies uniting the world. Within the framework of geofuturology as a geopolitical discipline, a special direction is the geo-futurology of technology. This scientific discipline studies the mega-trends of technological change with reflections on the future development of technology directly linked to its impact on nature and geopolitical interactions. Humankind is literally creating its own future at a fast pace, and the consequences of this are so profound that they cannot be assessed without taking into account politics in general and security in particular. The geofuturology of technology interacts most closely with ecological and climatic geofuturology. Geofuturology engineering studies geoengineering projects to transform our planet in order to overcome the consequences of technical and technological development. The material conditions of the anthropocene in which humanity has actually become a geographic and geological force, require a fundamental rethinking of the "geo" and "techno" in geopolitics. Problems of the future development of technology cause disputes between neighboring states and can only be resolved using the methods of geopolitics. New ways of managing ecosystems are the basis for predicting the development of technology and production.