11 July 2021
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This is a call for papers for the special themes of the 2021-issues

New Call for Contributions: Instructions (Deadline: Febrary 22nd, 2022)

Do technical processes unfold as instructed in that they execute a program or in that their parts perform prescribed motions? But what is a program anyhow, be it a computer program or the program of a musical concert or wedding - or is the notion of ‚instruction‘ too narrow here? Should the blueprint for a device be compared to the notation of a famous dance choreography? Inversely, do technologies instruct the behavior of users in that they establish a script which users need to follow if they want to reap the benefits of technology? - And what is instruction in the first place: Does the case, for example, of language instruction follow a technical paradigm as well? The June 2022 special issue of „Technology and Language“ will be dedicated to these  questions (Guest editors: Jens Geisse and Marcel Siegler)

Contributed papers on any topic within the scope of the journal are also welcome.