The Construction of the Robot in Language and Culture

5 April 2021
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New Call for Contributions: The Construction of the Robot in Language and Culture, guest editor: CHENG Lin (deadline: January 10, 2022)

technological imagination and thus provide a cultural framework for robotics research and development. Where did "robot" catch on and how does it relate to other concepts of an automaton that imitates humans, such as android, cyborg, or Maschinenmensch? When in the 1980s, it was found that the Chinese translation of "robot" was not appropriate, this raises a question of right and wrong, of understanding and misunderstanding robots. For robots and AI, more generally, we want to explore how they are imagined, defined, described, comprehended, constructed or even misunderstood? before and after they become a technological reality ? how they are constituted in language, how cosmopolitan or intercultural they are. We are hoping for contributions from linguistics, philosophy, cultural and gender studies, history of technology, STS, and literature.

Technology and Language invites interdisciplinary explorations at the interface of technology and language - contributed papers in English or Russian are welcome at any time.