Do it Yourself at YouTube


Every person at least once in his life is faced with an instruction - a certain set of rules, which spells out how to use a household appliance, how to behave in a given situation, perform this or that type of work, and so on. It can be a multimodal text that describes the actions, the implementation of which should lead to a result. If earlier the text with illustrations served as the main form of instruction, nowadays there are video instructions. The modern name for video instructions is DIY video, the authors of which strive to convey to the viewer in a short period of time how to create some thing or tool on their own at home. The purpose of this article was to analyze DIY video as instructions for creating tools. More often than others on YouTube there are videos for creating a holder for a tool, a clamp and an attachment for an angle grinder, and the most difficult tool to create is a grinder. A comparative analysis of video instrumentation and magazine articles (using the example of creating a lathe, an electrolyzer and a collet holder for files) showed the difference between instructions in text format and video format. In a video of this format, the authors visually provide the viewer with information about the choice of material, the creation of a device, how to correct possible mistakes, how the viewer can improve and subsequently adapt the created device for himself. Based on the study, it was revealed that the information in the video is presented more clearly and contributes to understanding the essence of the process itself. However, due to the large amount of visual information, the reasons for doing certain technological operations are omitted. This prevents the viewer from realizing the essence of the actions, it will be more difficult for him to adapt to other conditions. Viewing the video is much easier, the viewer has the opportunity to step by step repeat all the actions of the author.  However, in order to make changes to the design, come up with your own homemade products and refine them, you need to study and analyze several sources of information.