Technologies and Media Environment of Information Society

social relations in the technosphere

The specificity of the social life-world during the digital era is defined by the dynamics of the multimedia environment where the permanent reproduction of virtual interactions and smart-technologies gives rise to the problem of cognitive orientation in the field of information. Models of personal identification with a new perspective of cyber-anthropology are based on principles for the creation of a multiagent system immersed in the infosphere of the outside world. In this issue we highlight the influence of multimedia space instruments on the education system and the cognitive sphere of the e-culture consumer. In particular, there is a focus on the role of marketing and communicative technologies in the public sphere which are directed to formatting mass consciousness and manipulating behavior. Cross-disciplinary articulations of the information and cognitive paradigm provide the general conceptual basis of the papers in this issue. According to these articulations, the basic role of information in forming the political media discourse and the strategy of public management is determined; the technology of creating the professional image, nonverbal methods in designing consciousness and the stereotype of individuals and social groups behavior are analyzed.