Infinity: Divine Paradigm

history and philosophy of technology

“In the Beginning was the Word” provides the biblical reference to the word ‘Word,’ and ‘Infinity’ touches upon the traditional philosophical conventions that refer to God as the ‘Infinite’ and the creations of God as the ‘finites.’ Infinity as a technical artefact, engages the mind with its abstractness and metaphorical rendition as in Basic Metaphor of Infinity (BMI), but also with its concreteness as in programming, modelling and topography. ‘Infinity’ as a concept and as a numerical entity refers a quantified element to the qualitative divine - with the intention of comprehending concepts that are generally beyond the cognitive imaginative sphere of the human mind. The formality associated with mathematical proofs authenticates ideas that may seem or are abstract to pinpoint, including the notion that ‘nature speaks mathematics’ and nature as created by the creator embodies the paradigm of ‘Infinity’ as divine. Can ‘infinity’ then be conceptualised as a technical artefact by approaching it secularly with mathematics as the language to comprehend the theological cloud that engulfs it? The answer, perhaps will neither be a simple affirmation or an outright negation.